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Course Delivery and Assessment cats eye

Each unit of your course will comprise textual and visual material and some units will contain linksto video presentations as well. A student worksheet containing a number of activity questions is also supplied. The student worksheet is completed on your computer, which means you can save a copy for your own records before attaching it to an email and sending it in for assessment. 

Once you have completed the enrolment process, you will be given access to all the Unit 1 course material for the course in which you are enrolled, plus yopur bonus ebook pack. Once you have completed Unit 1 and sent the worksheet to us by email for assessment, you will immediately be given access to the Unit 2 course material, and so on, for each unit of the course. This means that while your previous unit is away being assessed (marked), you can begin work on your next unit.

Is Your Computer Compatible?

If you are not sure whether your computer will allow you to open and work with the course material, here is how you can find out.

Click HERE to see if you will be able to read the text material used in the course.

Click HERE to see if you can work with the worksheet.

Education Advice and Study Assistance

As a student you will have unlimited access to study assistance via email. Our main focus is to support you throughout your studies so that you are able to graduate in the timeframe you set for yourself. For that reason, study assistance is available whenever you feel you need the extra guidance.

All you have to do is email your question to our education team and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

Irrespective of where you live in the world, the Institute's courses can be effectively studied and easily completed.

There are no formal course entry requirements, however the courses are only available in English, so a fair grasp of the language is essential. 

All Institute courses are self-paced. This means that you, the student, determine when you want to submit your completed worksheet for assessment. You can study at the pace that best suits your lifestyle... full-time, part-time, casual, or intermittent, because there are no deadlines for the submission of course work.

Our courses are vocationally focused. This means we have made an effort not to weigh the courses down with impractical theory. Our courses have been developed with a view to the practical application of the companion animal 'counselling' skills you will learn. So all throughout your course you will have the opportunity to apply what you are learning to realistic case studies that are strategically placed within each unit.

Everything you will require to fully complete the course is supplied online. You don't have to visit libraries, or search the Internet, or buy expensive textbooks. The Institute provides every student with easily downloadable study material and worksheets.

The Marking (Assessment) Process

To successfully graduate, students must achieve an assessment of 70% or higher in every Unit of the course.

A course Unit that does not achieve 70% (or higher) will be returned to the student marked "Grade Pending". The assessor will provide information about the activity question or questions that need to be revised by the student before the unit can be re-submitted. Once the activities requiring revision have been completed, the Unit Worksheet is then re-submitted for re-assessment. There are no limits placed on the number of re-submissions.

As you can see, if you persevere with your studies you will pass the course. The only way to fail is to give up.

An assessment achieving 85% or higher on its first submission will be awarded a 'Distinction', and an assessment achieving 95% or higher on its first submission will be awarded a 'High Distinction'.

What Do You Get When You Graduate?

The following hard-copy documents are printed and posted to all students upon graduation;

Graduate testimonials can be found HERE