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Companion Animal Behaviour Institute

The Institute's Certificate courses have been designed to be flexible enough to fit your lifestyle because you are in total control of your study timetable. This means you can apply as many hours to your course as you want to and complete it as quickly as you can, or take your time and study at a more relaxed pace. This is known as Flexi-learning, and it is a special feature of all our Certificate courses.  

# Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour (Canine & Feline)... incorporates ALL eight (8) course units below for both canines and felines.

# Certificate in Canine Behaviour... incorporates the first seven (7) units below, however they have been re-written to include only canine content.


1.    Origin, Behaviour & Communication:

2.    Physiology:

3.    Care & Wellbeing:

4.    Breeds:

5.    Development Learning:

6.    Classical & Operant Conditioning

7.    Dog Behaviour Problems:  

8.    Cat Behaviour Problems:

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