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Companion Animal Behaviour Institute

About the Institute

CABI is an educational Institute that has been in formation for a number of years. We went online in December 2007 and are pleased to say that we have enjoyed an immediate rapport with dog and cat lovers world wide and have gained acceptance by those seeking to improved their understanding of Canine and Feline behaviour across the animal care industry.

The Institute's national manager and school principal has more than 15 years experience heading educational institutes and colleges and providing online education.

Our Education Team

CABI's Education Team performs an essential role in providing quality education services to our students. Each education team member holds an academic qualification in companion animal behaviour and is experienced in the animal welfare, pet care or veterinary industry. When ever you may require assistance, a qualified member of the Education Team will always be on hand to offer educational support.

Course Development

With the development of the Institute's curriculum, advice was sought from various specialists in the field of course development and syllabus preparation. These unique course development processes allowed us to construct courses that have a large component of vocational (practical/hands-on) relevance. Course content has been sourced from text material written by experts in the field of animal behaviour from around the world. 


The Institute is based in Sydney Australia

PO Box 238
Parramatta NSW 2124

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